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The Help of Your Local DUI Lawyer - Arizona Sexual Harassment Attorney

The Help of Your Local DUI Lawyer

Your local DUI lawyer understands the complexities of these cases because they are in the court all year long and see how this judge reacts to these type cases. Your DUI lawyer will study all the details of your case, from the arrest to the the testing procedure.

If any discrepancies are present in any of the field tests, or if the arresting officer did not operate equipment correctly, you could see the charges dismissed against you.

The biggest penalty is jail time, which ids completely up to the discretion of the judge and how severe your DUI was.

Getting the Charges Reduced
The first thing your DUI lawyer will do is get working on the defense to plea bargain your charges down.

The goal here is to get the drunk driving charge down to a reckless driving, less fees and no loss of license or jail time.

The only way this can be done is if a skilled DUI lawyer looks at all the evidence and finds issues with the arrest, the testing process, or problems with how the arresting officer conducted the arrest that night.

Your attorney will work on your behalf to get a more favorable sentence.

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