Analyzing the Evidence in Your Case

Things might look cut and dry to you now, and you might feel inclined to save money and just plead guilty. Do not make this mistake. Your best local DUI lawyer will access police video to watch the arrest, then find out why certain field tests were or were not conducted.

The lawyer will analyze the blood and breath tests given, to see if the readings are accurate and if the arresting officer conducted the testing in the appropriate manner.

The attorney will be able to access the police dash camera and watch the video to make certain that during the entire arrest your rights were upheld.

Avoiding the Harshest of Sentences
Sitting in the courtroom and watching DUI case after another settle, you will quickly realize that the judge has the opportunity to really hand down a variety of different sentences.

Depending on your blood alcohol level and what damage was done to the area or people in other vehicles, the judge can hand down fines, community service, loss of license, and even jail time.

Potential penalties for DUI:

Loss of license

Jail time

Community service

Alcohol abuse meetings


Towing fines

If damage to persons or physical property, repayment

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